About Us

At Asia Tattoo Studio, we take pride in quality workmanship and the highest standards of tattoo work. As one of the pioneers in Singapore’s tattoo industry, our artists are well-versed and highly trained. For art that gives you meaning, we endeavour in giving you only the best.

Asia Tattoo Studio has been growing in numbers as we continue to teach more and more students. It has been an honourable task for us to guide willing students in the proper methods of tattooing, essential cleanliness, and sterilization of tattoo equipment.

In our studio, you will be able to find a myriad of design styles that you can choose or customise to your liking. We ensure the friendliest service and utmost comfort for every client.

Asia Tattoo Studio, Gallery includes Colour, Cover-Up, Group, Japanese, Realistic, Shading, Tribal, Celtic, Maori, Words, Free hand